Erik Lundquist, M.D.

An Integrative Approach to Practicing Medicine

Detox Day #8

Starting off on the detox portion of the diet today. Last week was focused on eliminating potentially harmful and allergenic foods. This week the food options are reduced further as I now am drinking my food with a Medical food designed to enhance detoxification.

One of the most important aspects of detox is fluid intake and filtered water is extremely important. Drinking filtered or spring water that has sat in plastic bottles in the sun is a not the best option as bacteria can grow, plastics can leak into the water and then place a greater burden on your body.

I am currently drinking 8-10 glasses of water per day (that includes the water I drink with my Medical food shake) and this allows my body to pull out more toxins.

One of the filters I am super impressed with is a Berkey filter (see and I plan to get one to use instead of our current filter in our refigerator. I have concerns with reverse osmosis as it takes all of the minerals out of the water and can actually be somewhat harmful to the body over a longer period of use.

Happy Detoxing
Dr. L

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