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True or False: Artificial Sweeteners?

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truefalseIn response to a recent, local newspaper article touting the benefits and safety artificial sweeteners, I felt it necessary to provide (as Paul Harvey would have said) ‘the rest of the story.’  I realize this post is a longer than my usual posts—my apologies for that! I hope it is helpful in clearing up misconceptions related to artificial sweeteners. Please share with those you love.

The article began with the comment, “There is a lot of information and misinformation about artificial sweeteners available and that can make it a challenge on what to take away as fact or fiction.” I completely agree. art.sweet_

Because of this abundance of information on artificial sweeteners, it is helpful to look for information and research based on scientific studies (studies that are NOT based on manipulated data from huge food and drug corporations with a vested interest in selling their product). This provides a much…

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