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An Integrative Approach to Practicing Medicine

Healthy Joints, Happy Life

Found this great blog from an Integrative MD in San Jose, great stuff!!

Making Healthy EZ

Many of my patients in my integrative clinic in San Jose, CA come to see me regarding their joint aches and pains. If it’s not the joint itself then it’s the tendons and soft tissue around the joint that is bothering them. If you think about it, these little joints keep us active and functional. They go through a lot on a daily basis just to keep us up and about. So, don’t you think they need a lot of TLC every once in a while? How about every day and not just once in a while?

I’m going to help you with some key tips on keeping your joints happy and healthy.

First, if you know that a certain activity or repetitive motion is causing a certain joint to ache and scream, then you should refrain from that activity. If you cannot refrain from that activity because it’s a…

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